5 Best Yoga Wheels for Deeper Poses and Increased Flexibility

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best yoga wheels.
We’ve compared build quality, strength, material and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Yoga Wheel?

More Detailed Yoga Wheel Reviews

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

The UpCircleSeven yoga wheel is super durable, and you can sit your full weight on it (up to 550 pounds) and it doesn’t bend of flex like some of the less expensive wheels on the market.

If you choose this wheel for yourself, you’ll notice that the padding is super thick. It’s comfortable and it’s a great wheel for anyone with shoulder knots. The padding gives just the right amount of pressure as you roll your back along the wheel.

This well designed wheel comes with a free PDF e-guide that shows you how to use the wheel safely, as well as a few poses!

This free PDF guide is a great addition for a manufacturer to include with any yoga prop, because if they aren’t used properly, safety can be a big concern.

Overall, a sleek design and impressive load limit make this yoga wheel worth your consideration.

Mindful Yoga – Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels seem like they’re really similar, and for the most part they are. It’s a sturdy wheel meant to help you perfect poses you might be struggling with.

The right wheel for you may come down to something as simple as choosing between cork or plastic. Maybe you like one pattern more than the other.

The differences are slight, but in most cases that is enough to encourage a choice!

This wheel by Mindful Yoga is everything you could ever ask for from your yoga wheel. I’ve had incredible progress with it, and I can’t recommend it more.

It’s made with eco-friendly thermoplastic and the padding is surprisingly soft. I have never been irritated by it or thought it to be uncomfortable. It’s about 5 inches wide, and fits perfectly between my shoulders.

I don’t typically use my yoga wheel on my feet (for poses like Warrior II or Triangle), but if you’re having trouble accessing these poses properly this wheel will fit your foot perfectly.

The Mindful Yoga wheel is very lightweight and unless I’m carrying an extra change of clothes, I can fit it into my yoga mat bag. If my bag is too full, it’s really easy to loop over my arm and carry up on my shoulder.

My favorite pose to apply to this wheel is bridge pose. If I’ve gone a few days without practicing and I’m a bit stiff, it really helps to open up my shoulders. This way, I can rid my muscles of stiffness before I jump into my practice.

This wheel comes in a collection of amazing colors, so it’s sure to pop at any class. If you’re on the hunt for a fantastic yoga wheel, this top choice will be a truly beneficial and comfortable addition to your practice.

Yoga Evo – Yoga Wheel

The first thing you’ll notice about this sturdy little yoga wheel by Yoga Evo is that the padding that covers the plastic is textured. I typically only put my hands on my yoga wheel during my practice to use it for Child’s Pose or Puppy Dog Pose.

At first, I was unsure by the textured feel, but once I got used to it I noticed that it really provides an amazing grip. Even when a little bit sweaty, my hands didn’t slide at all. This wheel is a great fit for anyone who loves Hot Yoga.

You can break a sweat, and your wheel won’t slide out of your hands and it you in the face. That is always a plus in my book.

This wheel in particular is great for core strength. You can tackle poses such as side plank with your floor hand rested on this wheel. The texture grips holds onto the floor and your hand, making it less likely to roll away (I cannot guarantee that it won’t, so please be careful), and helping to strengthen your core even more.

Other than the textured padding perk, this wheel is made out of hardy plastic and can support up to 440 pounds. It will work just fine during any practice for stretching and loosening those stiff muscles.

The designs are a bit busy for me, but if that doesn’t bother you then you’ve got a great option in the Yoga Evo wheel!

Purity Wave Pro Yoga Wheel

I love a cork wheel. The Pro Yoga Wheel by Purity Wave is covered in a thick cork padding. It makes for a really comfortable addition to your practice, especially if you’ve got pre-existing back problems.

This cork is thick yet airy, making your back pain disappear during practice. It’s a great wheel, but if you’ve got chronic back issues, be sure that you always consult a doctor before use.

Anyway, some claim that cork on a yoga wheel can make for a slippery surface, and that’s why textured rubber wheels have gained so much popularity. However, I have never had my hands or feet slip off of this wheel. Even during a super sweaty Vinyasa class!

It’s really comfortable to use, and I will stand behind Purity Wave when they claim that their cork padding is the thickest you can buy. I have not come across a cork wheel as cushioned as this one.

Cork padding wipes clean really easily, and that’s a huge perk. Germs can accumulate quickly on most yoga gear, so keeping it clean is a must.

Yoga wheels with smoother surfaces are easier to clean than those that are textured because there aren’t any small ridges for grime to get stuck.

While yoga isn’t usually considered a “grimy” form of fitness, you’re still rolling your wheel and plopping your mat down where others have wheeled and plopped. Be safe, keep it clean!

YogaBody Jumbo Yoga Wheel

This giant yoga wheel is a pretty awesome purchase. You will receive a free 60 minute DVD included to help you with poses, safety tips and workouts to get the most out of your wheel.

The DVD that YogaBody includes is tailored to beginners. It’s a full class, so you can start your practice as soon as your wheel arrives!

If you plan on practicing a great deal in your own home, then this package is perfect for you.

The diameter of this wheel is 15 inches. That’s a pretty big difference in comparison to traditional wheels that usually stack up around 12 to 13 inches. The max weight on this wheel is 250 pounds, so it’s less sturdy in comparison to others on our list.

Weight limit aside, this wheel does its job when it comes to opening your back and shoulders. I find that when I’ve used this wheel, I can access a deeper breath in backbend poses (Camel Pose, for example) because I’m up a little bit higher.

If you’re on the taller side, you’ll love the additional height this wheel provides!

Yoga Wheel Buyer’s Guide

If you’re new to yoga, you might be wondering what the heck a yoga wheel is and why you would ever need such a thing. These are reasonable questions and concerns.

The yoga wheel is a prop for your yoga practice that helps with flexibility and the release of tension. It is wonderful for your back and shoulders but can work to loosen up other places on the body as well.

Yoga wheels have quite a few benefits, those of which not only dedicated yogi’s can benefit from. Much like yoga itself, professional athletes use a yoga wheel to stretch their muscles to prevent injury.

Ideal for anyone with a 9-5 desk job; they’re great for hunchers, and can help straighten your back and loosen shoulder knots.

Yoga wheels can also aid in getting you into poses that you find difficult during practice. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, a yoga wheel can assist in feeling out poses and improving your flexibility.

Things to Consider

It’s clear from the detailed product descriptions that yoga wheels are very similar to each other. They were all manufactured for the same thing, so the odds of finding drastic differences in performance from wheel to wheel are slim. In my humble opinion, you will be happy with any of the wheels on this list.

Just because the products are similar, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any criteria in which you should base your final purchase decision. When you’re looking for the perfect yoga wheel, you’ll want to consider the following:

Weight Limit

Make sure you’re investing in a yoga wheel that has a weight limit within your means. Most of them max out between 400 – 550 pounds, but some of them do not.

Anything on our list is weight safe, but if you venture out to the cheaper side of yoga props – you might find yourself with a bent, cracked wheel after only a few uses.


I know I briefly mocked those at UpCircleSeven for hating on PVC as the base of a yoga wheel, but in all honesty…they aren’t completely wrong. While PVC may work out great for some of you who practice lightly, take my advice and invest in something made with a more durable plastic polymer. Especially if you’ve gotten yourself into a routine daily practice.

You will have peace of mind venturing into any class with your wheel in hand. Nightmares of breaking you wheel in front of everyone while planking will be non-existent.


Most of the wheels we’ve discussed are well padded. Some are a fraction of a millimeter thicker than others, but for the most part you’re getting a great cushion for rolling out sensitive areas like your back and ankles.

You might find that you love hot yoga and therefore require a non-slip, textured pad. Maybe you like to keep it light and restorative and it doesn’t matter if your pad is waterproof because there is zero sweat associated with your practice.

Cork may work better than rubber for many of you, and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to try them out! All of the wheels listed here have a customer satisfaction guarantee and a 30 day return policy.

Choosing Your Wheel

Choosing the correct yoga wheel boils down to choosing what’s best for you. Beginners will benefit greatly from any of the wheels we’ve discussed here, while advanced yogis will probably want to stick to the Mindful Yoga or the Yoga Evo wheels.

Both of them are meant for intense movement and daily use. They will certainly meet the sturdy requirements you’re looking for to perfect any backbend.

While not at the top of the checklist, it is still important to take color and pattern into consideration when choosing a wheel. If you’re going to use it everyday, you better like it. If not, you’ll be out buying a new one in no time.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

It’s important to mention that yoga wheels are not only meant for those just getting their yoga feet wet, or even those well into an established daily practice.

Yoga wheels are extremely beneficial to anyone with back or muscle issues. The gentle way in which a yoga wheel stretches out back, neck, arm, foot, and leg muscles is incomparable to common static stretches.

Yoga wheels last longer, and are much easier to manipulate on various parts of the body than your run of the mill foam roller.

If you start using your wheel in a gentle daily routine, you’ll find that your body is toning and your muscles are changing. Of course, don’t start any exercise routine without general practitioner advice, especially for those of you with any chronic back or pain issues.

My top pick, without question, is the wheel by UpCircleSeven. I have had mine for a while now, and it has never steered me wrong. Whenever I go to pick a wheel for class or home practice, it’s my first choice nine out of ten times.

It has been in amazing condition since the day I bought it. It has not suffered any cracks, bending or fading. The rubber grip has stayed in place and in fantastic condition. I clean it once a week with my favorite yoga mat cleaner.

I have never slipped off of it either! Almost every other wheel I’ve used has sent me crashing to the floor at least once. The Mindful Yoga wheel is definitely a great fit for anyone interested in the aforementioned benefits of a yoga wheel.

Final Thoughts

Yoga alone is a wonderful way to get in shape. Yoga can aid in the recovery from an injury, all while preventing future injuries. It will also help you to decompress mentally and physically.

Adding a yoga wheel to your practice will enhance it greatly. Not only will you find that with daily use, you’ll successfully access poses that you had trouble with previously, but your body will feel loose, limber and long.

Remember, yoga wheels are actually designed to help make your practice easier, while secretly toning and helping your body find new flexibility, strength and balance. It’s one of those rare situations where you don’t think you’re working harder, but you actually are.

Any wheel on our list will help you take your practice to the next level. They can seem scary at first, but once you try one, you will never want to practice without it!

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