5 Best Yoga Blankets to Help Bolster, Cushion & Keep You Warm!

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best yoga blankets.
We’ve compared material quality, design, size and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Yoga Blanket?

More Detailed Yoga Blanket Reviews

Open Road Goods Mexican Yoga Blanket

If you’re on the hunt for the best mexican yoga blanket, look no further. You’ve found it!

When you first take this yoga blanket by Open Road Goods out of the package, unfold it and toss it in the washing machine. Tumble dry it on low. The results of that small endeavor will be so worth it.

Open Road claims that this blanket gets softer with every wash. They’re completely telling you the truth.

After just one wash, you’ll notice such a huge change in the feel of this blanket that you’ll be really happy you didn’t pack it up and return it upon first touch. The more you wash it, the better it gets.

This blanket is super durable, and is made with an acrylic/poly/cotton blend that holds up really well to constant use and normal wear and tear. I use this blanket at least three times a week during my practice.

I have another that I use on the couch, because using a blanket that I sweat on as a way to keep my family warm just seems wrong.

I’ve owned this blanket for a few years now, and it’s hasn’t ripped or torn. It has minor wash wear, but nothing that keeps me from proudly carrying it to class.

The colors available by Open Road are amazing, and since each blanket is handmade there are no two that are alike!

Yoga blankets are simple and straightforward, but there’s no harm in us helping you find one that you’ll love! This blanket has always been my favorite, and I get a ton of compliments on it.

You’ll be able to utilize it in so many ways during your practice.

The softer it gets, the easier it is to manipulate to help you out in some tricky poses. I love to roll this up and place it under my front leg during Pigeon pose. It keeps my hips from coming up too far off the ground by giving me a nice, even base.

El Paso Designs Peyote Hippie Yoga Blanket

You don’t have to be a hippie or enjoy peyote in order to own and love this blanket. El Paso has woven this blanket super tightly, from an acrylic and poly blend.

It’s heavy and thick, which makes it a good choice for any of you who might be struggling with knee pain during poses like Camel or Cat/Cow.

The colors offered by El Paso Designs are vibrant and fun, making this blanket the star of any yoga class you take it to.

I love it, especially for easy seat or meditation. With this blanket, my sitting bones (butt) don’t have any soreness and I am able to focus on my breath while holding the pose for quite some time.

A downfall of this blanket is that it’s heavy. In fact, it’s kind of a pain to haul back and forth to class. It will work splendidly for any home practice, so don’t count it out completely.

I’ll also just quickly note that this is a really great beach/park blanket. It’s easy to wash and the sand shakes out of it without much effort.

Benevolence LA Mexican Yoga Blanket

Definitely the most giving blanket on the list, this Mexican yoga blanket is manufactured by Benevolence LA. They work tirelessly alongside many non-profit organizations to provide clean water to villages in Africa that would otherwise go without it.

According to Benevolence LA, 4 villages and the 2,500 people living in them now have clean water, thanks to consumer purchases of their yoga blankets and other products. Instead of fetching water, kids can go to school.

Pretty cool.

Anyway, this blanket is huge. It measures up to 74 in. x 51 in. It will successfully fully cover a twin bed and it’s super soft.

Since it’s handmade, no two blankets are exactly alike. It’s definitely thick enough when folded to use as a bolster and as padding during your practice.

This blanket can double as a beach blanket. It’s super easy to clean, just throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry. This makes it ideal for the beach, because even though it’s woven you won’t have any sand residue left over.

This blanket would be a good addition to any beachside yoga class!

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

The first thing that will stand out to you when you open this awesome blanket is the design. The next thing you’ll notice is the size.

At 78 inches by 54 inches, this yoga blanket by Open Road is huge! It’s perfect for anyone with sore knees that might need some thicker padding while executing poses that require constant knee contact with the floor.

It’s size makes it a little hard to fold up quickly, but if you’ve got chronic knee pain during your practice, you know that it’s worth a slight struggle!

The Thunderbird design is a great switch up from your traditional aztec print. It looks fantastic unfolded and even better when folded up for class.

The blanket is super easy to care for and in traditional Open Road fashion it gets softer and softer the more you wash it. Remember, it’s made by the same company as our top pick, so don’t let the initial itchy feel give you any cause for concern!

It’s a blanket that will last you for years!

All Open Road blankets are handwoven, so colors and design in the bird pattern may vary slightly upon delivery. Don’t let that deter you. I promise you’ll love it!

Yoga Accessories Mexican Yoga Blanket

Yoga Accessories offers this traditional Mexican yoga blanket for a super price, but it’s important to take into consideration that it’s the only blanket on our list that is not handmade.

If this doesn’t bother you, then you’ll love this blanket. It’s soft and comfortable. It is available in a wide array of colors. It measures at 74 inches by 54 inches.

Overall, this is a great blanket to keep handy for anything. You can easily use it for a yoga prop, or to keep warm at a chilly end of summer night at the drive-in.

It’s machine washable and easy to keep clean. This blanket would be fantastic for beginners who are looking to get started with using a yoga blanket as an aid.

What to Look For In a Yoga Blanket

You don’t have to be a seasoned yogi to begin investing in props to add to your practice along the way.

A yoga blanket is actually a great place to start, because you can use it as a stand in for a few other props like bolsters, blocks and straps.

You can prop yourself up in Easy Seat or Pigeon with a nice soft blanket instead of a bolster that is typically on the stiffer side.

You might fold it up smaller and use it as a block replacement during Triangle pose or Low Lunge. You can turn it into a thick strap to help you stretch into poses like Waterfall and Dancer.

The possibilities are endless.

Any yoga blanket that we’ve listed here will work wonderfully for most of you. When you’re shopping for anything, you should have a list of tentative, flexible guidelines to shop by.

Yoga blankets are no exception to this rule.

When shopping for the perfect yoga blanket, you’ll want to consider the following:


What material should your potential new yoga blanket be constructed of? You’ll want to look for something made out of acrylic, polyester or cotton…or a combination of the three.

These materials hold up incredibly well over time, and can handle a lot of runs through the wash cycle. If possible, choose something handmade. Handmade blankets are always incredibly hardy. They’ll last you forever.


I don’t care how good the reviews are, don’t buy a blanket if you hate the design, or if the color you want is sold out! Have a little patience and get what you want. Odds are you’ll end up using for more than just yoga class. You must love it.


When it comes to yoga blankets, size matters. Don’t get something that is so incredibly huge that you’ll have trouble folding it up to use for class.

There are times that you’ll have to make a few adjustments to the blanket while class is in progress. On the other hand, you don’t want something too small either.

You want adequate padding from your yoga blanket! You need something that suits you perfectly. Take the Goldilocks approach. Ponder measurements and the ways you’ll be using it. Don’t stop browsing until you find the right one!

If you’re just starting out on your yoga journey, any of these blankets will find you well. I would suggest that beginners go with the Yoga Accessories Traditional Blanket. It’s not a huge investment, and you can really get a feel for what you want to do with it.

For advanced yogis, I have to recommend my top pick: The Open Road Goods Mexican Yoga Blanket.

It is just so traditional, versatile and useful that I can’t even begin to imagine you won’t be pleased with it.

I have been toting this blanket back and forth for so long now. I love it. It has washed well, without any ripping, tearing or fading. It is soft and it’s grown accustomed to the way I like to fold it. It just slips right into place perfectly.

Every time I use it, it’s like a hug from an old friend. It hasn’t thinned out at all, so I still get a nice thick padding between myself and the hard floor when my instructor takes on Cat/Cow for an extended period of time.

If you’re new to yoga but you feel like you’ll be in it for the long haul, skip the stand-in by Yoga Accessories and purchase the Open Road Goods blanket. You can thank me later!

Final Thoughts

While it might seem like an odd purchase, yoga blankets can replace a few of the props you might find yourself consistently bringing with you to the gym or studio. Purchasing the right one will not only fuel your practice toward success, but give you much less to pack when you’re headed out for class.

What seems like a silly prop can actually make yoga gentler on your knees, wrists, ankles and elbows. It can also take pressure off of the hips when used as a bolster, yet it is so much softer than any bolster available.

A yoga blanket is literally a piece of exercise equipment that can go from keeping you warm during a long meditative Savasana, to keeping your warm during a long night of vegging on the couch.

I’m certain you’ll love all that each of these blankets has to offer.

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